SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery App: Launch Your Complete System In Just 3 Days

Date : May 3, 2019 Author : Bhavesh Parmar

Running a business is an uphill task but launching a new one is even steeper. It takes a lot of time, money and efforts to launch a new business. For example, you want to launch a restaurant or a fast-food outlet or an online food ordering and delivery app and website. You will have to invest a hefty amount for six individual apps and a website. But there is an alternative: SaaS-based online food ordering and delivery solution that will cover all your requirements and you won’t have to invest a large sum upfront.

SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery System

If you want to launch a complete online food ordering and delivery system, you will need three apps for Android and iOS each: Customer App, Driver App, Admin/Owner/Vendor/Merchant/Partner App. So you will have to pay for the development of 6 individual mobile apps, in addition to a full-fledged website. It will also take a minimum of 3 to 6 months to get the entire system up and running.

On the other hand, we offer a SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery App And Website Solution that you can launch within 3 days.

SaaS, as in software as a service, is a set of readymade software that developers can easily customize to meet their client’s requirements. Initially, they develop such a dynamic and scalable software that fulfills the requirements of different types of customers. As it is already readymade, it won’t take more than a few hours to customize them.

What Do You Get In SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery System

As the name suggests, it’s a complete system, which includes,

  • Customer Ordering App for iOS
  • Driver App for iOS
  • Admin/Owner/Vendor/Merchant/Partner App for iOS
  • Customer Ordering App for Android
  • Driver App for Android
  • Admin/Owner/Vendor/Merchant/Partner App for Android
  • Customer Ordering Website
  • Web-Based Admin Panel
  • Complete Support, Backup, Bug fixing, Updates
  • Periodical Introduction Of New Features

Advantages Of SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery System

  • No huge upfront investment so less burden on your capital
  • Launch within a few days with quick customization, set up and deployment
  • No worries about maintenance, updates, and upgrades as SaaS provider does that
  • Accessible from anywhere anytime as it resides on the cloud
  • Covers all the platforms viz iOS, Android and Web so maximum visibility
  • Tried and tested by many clients so fewer bugs and better business
  • Easily scalable on the go as SaaS provide always work on a giant scale

What Do You Have To Provide Us For Customization?

  • Your brand details such as the logo, color palette, fonts, vision. (If you don’t have it, we got you covered with our wonderful team of UI UX development and Graphic Designers!)
  • Your basic business details such as area, scale, cuisines, dishes. (And you can also add and edit these details anytime from web-based admin panel.)


If you don’t require any special features, we have ready-made solutions for all the basic and general requirements so you will be able to launch your SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery System within a matter of few days.

DeOnDe is among the best SaaS-based solution providers in the USA with customizable and readymade solutions. Contact us to know more, get creative inputs and get your business online now.

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Bhavesh Parmar is the Digital Marketing Manager at DeOnDe who helps businesses in generating leads. His marketing skills and coordination abilities keep him ahead of the curve. He is passionate about photography and content marketing.