Why Monthly Subscription Based Food Ordering And Delivery Solution Is In Demand?

Date : May 6, 2019 Author : Bhavesh Parmar

Restaurant and food business is a niche that is never going to be out of demand because every single person on the earth has to eat. That is why existing businesses keep experimenting with fresh approaches and startups jump aboard with new ideas every day. With the advent of the internet, food ordering and delivery solutions started appearing online. When the smartphones stormed the world, food ordering and delivery apps were bound to follow and they did in various forms. Now monthly subscription based food ordering and delivery solution is the latest trend.

Until now, there were only two popular food ordering and delivery models.

The Aggregator Model

The first one is the aggregator type model. A company like Doordash or Grubhub or Uber Eats would develop a complete food ordering and delivery solution. They would have a website, Android apps and iOS apps for customers, drivers and business owners. Then they would promote it among the customers and lure restaurant owners to join them. The only problem with this model is that business owners have to give a huge cut out of the total revenue to the aggregators. This would be as big as 40%. In addition, the business owners won’t have a mobile app with their own branding. It will be like a mall where they have one shop, much like selling stuff on Amazon.

The Owner Model

This is the business model in which restaurant or food outlet owners hire a mobile app development company and get them to develop their own mobile apps for iOS and Android. They also have a website for the same purpose. The good thing about this model is that they don’t have to pay a single percent out of their revenue to anyone. In addition, they can also let other owners use their software. In other words, they can become aggregators as they own the software. The only drawback of this model is the huge capital they have to invest in mobile app development and web development.

The Monthly Subscription Based Model

To solve the problems these models and have the best of both the worlds, there exist the third model: monthly subscription based food ordering and delivery solution (SaaS). In this model, all the business owners need is to subscribe to a plan that fits their requirements and pocket. The SaaS-based solutions provider company has already developed all the necessary mobile apps and website. They will customize them according to the requirements of the business owners. So, business owners or startups will have their own iOS apps and Android apps for customers, drivers, and owners. In addition, they will also have a website for customer and owners through which they can easily administer the entire business. They will have their own app and they won’t have to invest a huge amount.

This is why monthly subscription based food ordering and delivery solution is in demand.


If you want to join the wagon of online food ordering and delivery app and a website with your own brand name and logo but don’t want to invest a huge amount, the monthly subscription-based food ordering and delivery solution is ideal for you.

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