What Is A SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System?

Date : May 13, 2019 Author : Bhavesh Parmar

Sometimes, technical words confuse us a lot. Take, ‘cookies’ for example. They are normal files consisting of some data but the word ‘cookies’ makes them monsters. ‘Ethernet cable’ is another example of the same kind. A ‘network cable’ is easier to understand and serves the purpose. And the ‘Office Suite’! It is simply a collection of software for use in an office. Why ‘Suite’? Why not ‘Collection’? The same is true for SaaS and SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System.

What is SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System?

An acronym for Software as a Service, SaaS is a business model. In simpler words, it is the subscription-based usage of software for which you have to pay subscription charges at regular intervals. It is like renting a house in place of building one. Both of them have their own pros and cons. So when you think about Saas-Based Online Food Ordering System, you will have some advantages and some disadvantages. You don’t have to develop a complete system. Instead, you rent a complete system and pay the monthly subscription fees.

Advantages Of SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System

  • There are many advantages of Food Ordering System for a restaurant business owner.
  • No huge capital investment for the development, deployment, and maintenance of the system. All they need to do is to pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • A business owner can choose a Basic package to launch his business online. Later on, he can choose any plans from Plus, Premium, and Enterprise. There will be no problem with scalability.
  • The business owner can access the system from anywhere anytime.
  • The SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System is available as iOS apps, Android apps and website so it will be available to all.
  • The subscribers don’t have to worry about upgrades, updates and maintenance as the SaaS providers keep doing the work round the clock.
  • Using a SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System means all your data is saved and backed up in the cloud. In case of a breakdown, your data and the system will be safe.

Disadvantages Of SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System

  • There are a few disadvantages of the SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System too.
  • Performance can be one of the biggest disadvantages as the complete system and data live in the cloud. Something can go wrong somewhere and it can create performance issues.
  • Data privacy is another issue for business owners. As they don’t own the software, someone can have a look at their data and they cannot control it. However, a good SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System provider will never let that happen.
  • Compliance to local laws can be tricky too if your SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System provider is situated in another country.


Like SaaS, DeOnDe is also an acronym for Delivery On Demand. DeOnDe is among the leading SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering System providers. We have developed a robust system for restaurant owners, fast food outlets and startups. It consists of a Customer Ordering App, a Driver App, and an Admin/Owner/Partner App. All these 3 apps are available on both iOS and Android. In addition, we also offer a website for the same purpose. You can easily subscribe for one of the four plans, Basic, Plus, Premium and Enterprise and launch your online food delivery business within 3 days. Want to know more or have a quick demo of our Solutions, drop us a line.

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