Top 10 Online Ordering System for Small-Multi Restaurants

Date : October 19, 2020 Author : Prabhakar Mudaliar

If you’re running a restaurant then it is important to have an online ordering system that helps with ordering food online from customers point of view managing the entire business from the restaurant owners point of view and most importantly hey helping the restaurant owners to have a complete insight of the business with the help of a single software. 

So, today we are going to discuss the top 10 online ordering systems for small to multi restaurants, those restaurants that are looking to develop their own presence in the digital market space and those restaurants who are keen to grow with the advanced technology.

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Top 10 Online Ordering Systems For Restaurants

So here we unveil the doctor online ordering system according to their role of helping the restaurant owners in fixing the schedule booking delivery as well as the analytics and reports of the entire food outlet. 

1. GloriaFood

Gloria food is one of the most popular as well as renowned online ordering systems for restaurants and it has been in the market for an exceptionally long time. Considering the benefits of using Gloriafood, we can see that it is one of the most reasonable online ordering systems because it does not charge any huge commissions or any fees. It is just that restaurant owners need to utilise the platform either by logging in or by using Facebook. 

2. Ordering.Co

Well is also one of the most popular online ordering systems for small restaurants and your multi chain restaurants it is being trusted by a lot of restaurants across the world. We rate it as one of the best online ordering systems keeping in mind the benefits it provides to the restaurant owners from managing the food orders to synching the billing process. 

3. DeOnDe

DeOnDe is one of the popular and growing online ordering systems for restaurants and multi food outlets. It also has readymade hey online solutions for food, grocery , medicine , cake , flower , alcohol , and other business segments. The online ordering system of the only comes with an exclusive web admin panel that makes it easy for the restaurant owner to have an idea about the entire ongoing restaurant order process and billing. You can also check out the demo on YouTube about the different online ordering solutions.  

4. MenuDrive

MenuDrive makes menu drive one of the best online ordering systems for its customization. The restaurant owner can customize the online ordering system according to their restaurant nature and speciality. Adding product photos, adding a customized menu and having a complete POS is a dream come true with MenuDrivehey . 

5. ChowNow

ChowNow makes it amazingly simple for the restaurant owners to utilise their online ordering system either in the form of an existing website or via mobile app or via social media extensions such as Facebook. Though it doesn’t provide anything extraordinary it still remains as one of the renowned online ordering systems for restaurants and multi chain food outlets. 

6. Square POS

Well if you’re wondering to have an online ordering system for restaurants that manages both online ordering delivery as well as dine-in then this is one of the best online ordering software to invest in. Square POS is therefore the first choice of many restaurant brands. 

7. Upserve 

So if you’re wondering whether to open a food outlet or a food brand that includes a restaurant as well as a bar and cake shop including a wine store then I guess you need to choose Upserve as your online ordering system. investing in it will help you manage all your different food outlets via single software. 

8. iMenu360

With a single time, setup fee, I menu 360 is one of the most reliable options to manage your online ordering food brand website. The system interacts with your existing website and makes it easy for you to manage POS as well via a single software setup.

9. JotForm

So when you don’t want to invest in a mobile application or a food delivery app then you can easily invest in JotForm. The best part of it is that it works like a food delivery application and it supports a lot of payment methods without any additional transaction fees or charges. One of the most reliable online food ordering systems in 2020. 

10. eDelivery

So when you are looking for an online ordering system that not only takes care of your food delivery business but also other delivery business like grocery, medicine, liquor, laundry, etcetera then eDelivery is one of the best online ordering systems to invest in. 


The best part of investing in an online ordering system is that you do not have to invest much in human resources and you don’t do not have to take care of each little thing for running your restaurant or multiple restaurant business. We have listed the top 10 online ordering systems according to our research and analysis, we recommend you to choose according to your restaurant type and requirement.

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