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An Intelligent Food Delivery Solution for your Restaurant Business..

Make Selling Fun with
‘Monthly Subscription Based Model’

You do not really have to wait till the delivery app is designed, developed or turn live for your business. Our ‘On-demand’ business solutions make it simple and happening for your business to start delivering food ASAP. With SaaS-Based Food Delivery Solutions, you can connect your restaurant to the delivery model in no time, as our business solutions are already designed and ready for use. You have to subscribe for monthly rentals to get the application model ready for your business with the customisation you require. Have your own iOS and Android mobile apps on monthly rentals with our SaaS Based Food Delivery Business Solutions. No huge investments needed to make your dreams come true, pay monthly and use actively.

How does SaaS-Based Food Delivery Application Work?

We have analysed and interacted with the famous food delivery development models such as UbearEats, Zomatio, Swiggy and Food Panda. We have designed similar food delivery solutions for your business. Simple yet effective!

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Our food delivery on-demand business solutions can be easily customised and altered.


Our food delivery business solution is highly interactive and engaging to grow your business.


Get your food delivery business rolling with smart and innovative on-demand business solutions!


Here are the main features of the three different applications used for your food
delivery business model, i.e. Customer | Vendor | Driver

Customer App

Social Media Login

Customers can easily log-in via their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc), and can start using the application for ordering food online.

Browse Multiple Restaurants

Once logged in, the customers can start browsing multiple restaurants as well as dishes by using the right filters mentioned in the search bar.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track their food online with our real-time tracking feature. Customer will get the details of the driver once the food is dispatched.

Secure & Easy Payment Methods

Once the food is ordered, customers can easily choose their payment method by dropping down the payment menu. Online payment is 100% secure.

Restaurant App

Availability Toggle

Being the restaurant owner, you can always turn on and off the availability toggle as per the availability of the driver-partner.

Adding Offers Made Easy

You can add unlimited offers on your food delivery app and can also customise combos and festival offers as per the requirement.

Delivery Auto Dispatch

You can help your customers to know once the food is dispatched from your restaurant premises by clicking on the dispatch button.

Order Status

Mark the orders that are handed over to the delivery personnel and update the same order status on the app for customer acknowledgement.

Driver App

Delivery Executive Status

The driver-partner personnel can update his status for the availability to be auto-assign for the nearest delivery location through GPS.

In-App Navigation

The driver will get the in-app navigation for delivering the food without any hassle or address lookouts. It helps to reach food on time.

Delivery Executive Earnings

The delivery personnel can have his dashboard ready for knowing about the exact earnings of the day, week or month as per the deliveries handled.

Job History

The delivery executive will have a complete list of job summary for the deliveries done on daily, weekly or monthly basis for estimating both attendance and earrings.

Admin Panel

Manage Admins

Manage sections for customers, delivery partner and restaurant from a single dashboard designed for the Admin.

Manage Offers

Manage offers for customers from the dashboard. Create promo codes for rewarding loyal customers using it.

Manage Earnings

Manage the complete earnings of your food delivery business via a single dashboard. Get access to everything from discounts to payment received.

Payment Gateway

Manage payment gateway and auto payment to banks with our secure payment gateway portal designed for your food delivery business solution.

Why Choose Us?

We have a ready made Uber Clone App clone app which only requires your bespoke alterations to be deployed at an instant.
You are just nods away to get the app deployed on your website and other app downloading platforms.

Free Server Installation

Once you have purchased the server, we will help you install our GrubHub clone script free of cost within a short span of time.

End-to-end Bug support

We strive continuously to deliver high-quality bug-free products. In the event of any critical bugs, we would act immediately and clear it for…

White-Label Solutions

You can easily place your logo, company name and other brand customizations on the app and website. Through the admin panel…

100% source code

Post-development, along with your advanced on-demand food ordering application, you will be given the complete source code.

Technical Support

Our seasoned team will assist you in registering any accounts or integrate 3rd party sites like an SMS gateway, payment…

24x7 support

We understand the importance of your business and offer you round the clock support through any means of available...

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Because there is no huge up-front investment and plenty of advantages!

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