How Much Does it Cost to Subscribe To SaaS-Based Food Ordering Software for Restaurants?

Date : May 14, 2019 Author : Bhavesh Parmar

SaaS, as in Software as a Service, is the buzzword of the tech world for the past few years. So many restaurant owners and fast food outlet owners are very curious to know one thing: How much does it cost to subscribe to SaaS-Based Food Ordering Software?

It’s a good question and it has clear answers but before you strike a bargain, you must know what you will have in return.

What Do You Get When You Subscribe To One Of DeOnDe’s Packages?

DeOnDe has various packages for various business scenarios but one thing is common for all of them. All of them receive the following:

3 Android Mobile Apps
Customer Ordering App
Driver App
Admin/Owner/Partner App
3 iOS Mobile Apps
Customer Ordering App
Driver App
Admin/Owner/Partner App
Web-Based Admin Panel for Admin/Owner/Partner

Subscription Packages Of DeOnDe

We offer monthly subscription-based (SaaS-Based) Food Ordering System in 4 packages: Basic, Plus, Premium, and Enterprise

Basic Package

If you are a single restaurant or a fast food outlet owner or a startup who is willing to test the water, this plan is for you. The Basic plan supports 1 restaurant/outlet situated in a single location. This plan will offer you all the 6 mobile apps and web-based admin panel mentioned above. The owner will be able to accept 1500 orders per month for a subscription fee os $99/month and one time $100 setup fee. The owner will have to pay $0.05/order (i.e. 5 cents/order) after the limit of 1500 orders. We will also provide 24X5 support over email.

Plus Package

In Plus Package, you will get all the six mobile apps with your brand name and logo live in the App Store and the Play store along with web-based admin panel. You can add 25 restaurants within 2 cities. It will have a limit of 4000 orders per month and additional orders will cost you $0.04/order. You can add additional restaurants at the rate of $3/restaurant. It will cost you $299/month and one time $200 setup fee. A payment gateway integration will allow you to accept online payment with no additional cost. We also offer 24X5 support over phone and email in this package.

Premium Package

In the Premium Package, you will have all 6 mobile apps with your brand name and logo and the web-based admin panel for your convenience. This package supports adding 100 restaurants spread across 5 cities and additional ones will incur a charge of $ In this package, we offer to integrate up to 3 payment gateways, 24X7 support over phone and email. The order limit here is 10,000 orders per month and additional orders will incur $0.03/order. We will also offer multiple languages and currency support too. This package will cost you $499/month and a one time $200 setup fee.

Enterprise Package

If the above three packages are not enough for you and you want everything unlimited, you have to go for the Enterprise Package. In this package, we offer unlimited restaurants, cities, payment gateways and whatever you wish. For that, we have to discuss your requirements and agree upon a price.


DeOnDe is one of the leading SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering Software provider with plenty of happy customers across the globe.

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