How Much Does It Cost to Create an On-Demand Delivery App?

Date : June 19, 2020 Author : Prabhakar Mudaliar

On-demand solutions are one of the trending mobile app solutions in the world. It is an exclusive requirement and aid for the on-demand startups. Be it Food, Grocery, Liquor, Fuel, Laundry, Cake, Medicine or Flower delivery, and the on-demand startups can function their business efficiently with the help of a right on-demand delivery app. 

Before moving further, let’s discuss what exactly an on-demand business solution is?

Business On-Demand

An on-demand solution is a readymade cloud solution for helping business owners to start their business quickly and smartly. It involves less cost and time for acquiring an on-demand business solution. Industries that can aid benefit from the on-demand business solutions are retailers, wholesalers, delivery startups, professionals and distributors. 

DeOnDe is a ‘Delivery On Demand’ startup having its presence in India. We at DeOnDe are helping different food, grocery, pharmacy and liquor startups across the world with our smart on-demand business solutions. 

Our solutions are not limited for only delivery startups; we also help with on-demand taxi booking, doctor appointment booking and logistics booking services. Well, we would like to describe our readymade solution expertise in the following:

On-Demand Food Delivery App Features & Cost

When we talk about the great food delivery app solutions, we refer it to the famous food delivery giants like Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda and UberEats (Now, Zomato). These food delivery startups are quite renowned in the world because of its accuracy and functionality of delivering food. 

No one would have ever thought before decades that food delivery process could be so simple, organized and accessible. Food delivery giants like Zomato and Swiggy have taken over the entire delivery segment across India with its feasible and instant food delivery setup. 


  • Customer App Features
  • Restaurant/Food Outlet App Features
  • Delivery App Features
  • Web Admin Dashboard

Do you wonder how does these different application process with its features and functionality? Well, you can also watch the food delivery video to understand the detailed process and functions of the application.

The food delivery process works when a customer signs up the application and places the order from his favorite restaurant. The food delivery process begins when the restaurant accepts the order request and intimates the nearby driver for the said delivery. The food delivery process is accomplished successfully when the driver delivers the food and asks the customer for sharing the entire feedback through the food delivery application.


So, when you have understood the entire process and importance of each application and its features for running your next on-demand food delivery startup, it’s time to discuss the cost. The cost of developing an on-demand food delivery application is quite reasonable. On-demand food delivery solutions can be monthly subscribed or can be used as a rental app solution for minimizing your budget.

DeOnDe helps with on-demand food delivery solutions as a monthly subscription model. Here, you can pay and use the application for as long as you want. As a user, you are paying monthly rent to us, which is quite minimal considering the operations of your startup. 

To know the exact cost of developing an on-demand food delivery application, click here


Many food delivery startup owners complain about the failure of their startup with us. If you want to launch your food delivery startup in a successful way, you must read one of the influential blogs on ‘Why Food Delivery Startup Fails

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Features & Cost

Grocery delivery is a more significant segment in 2020. Amidst the pandemic and novel coronavirus spread, the Indian and other housewives have changed their preference and mode of shopping groceries. Though many online grocery delivery brands were running across the world to ease the grocery shopping experience. But, the pandemic spiked the grocery app demand by bringing a revolution in the grocery segment.

Amidst the pandemic, the world showed a different level of craziness for downloading grocery apps. And, because of the same, the grocery delivery startups experienced high demand in the last decade. 

If we believe the figures shared by BigBasket, it has received 900% spike in the grocery delivery orders as compared to its previous sales. Almost all grocery delivery brands have recorded high numbers of downloads as well as orders amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 


  • Customer App Features
  • Grocery Store App Features
  • Delivery App Features
  • Web Admin Dashboard

Well, do you in-depth have a piece of knowledge about the different grocery application process with its features and functionality? Moreover, you can also watch the grocery delivery video to understand the detailed process and functions of the application.

Let me share the process in detail. The grocery delivery process works when a customer signs up the application and places the order from his favourite grocery delivery app. The grocery delivery process begins when the store owner accepts the order request and intimates the nearby driver for the said delivery. 

Lastly, the grocery delivery process is accomplished when the driver delivers the ordered grocery items and asks the customer for sharing the entire feedback through the grocery delivery application.


The cost of grocery delivery application entirely depends on the features and functionality. The different apps and its integrated features are responsible for the success of the entire process or grocery delivery startup. An attractive User Interface helps to enhance the average session time of the user over the application. 

Well, just like the food delivery application, the grocery delivery app can also be built or developed in two ways. Either you can improve the entire three apps from scratch with unique features and USP or can also go for a monthly subscription model. 

What is a Monthly Subscription Model?

A monthly subscription model is a cloud-based mobile app solution that is developed by our company, DeOnDe. We sell the entire mobile app solution to the clients on their request with 100% white label solutions. Because we serve you the solution with white-label solution, the whole delivery app is redesigned with your brand name and logo. Hence, branding purpose is significantly covered. 

Things to take care while appointing an On-Demand Business Development Company

An on-demand business solution company helps with the readymade delivery app solutions that can be easily used. Well, when you decide to launch your food or grocery or liquor delivery startup, you need an on-demand business app. These on-demand business solution providers help with 100% white-label solutions to improve your customers know that your app is 100% unique. 


  • Cost-friendly
  • Quick to launch
  • Exceptional support
  • 24*7 Help Desk

Who can use DeOnDe Business Solutions?

  • Single Store Owners
  • Multi-Store Owners
  • Startups
  • Enterprises
  • SMBs

2020: Decade for On-demand startups

The 2020 year is marked for the on-demand business solutions and startups. Many new startups made their way to the platform because of the current pandemic situation. Not only great food and grocery delivery players but also local food or grocery dealers are now delivering their items via on-demand delivery solution. 

Well, if we talk about the liquor delivery that recently became famous in India because of the lockdown. When the government declared relaxation on the liquor items for the take-away and delivery, new liquor delivery startups came on the surface. These startups made huge money amidst the pandemic. Well, we also help with on-demand liquor delivery solution for our clients. 

Wrapping Up

The cost of an on-demand business solution is fewer with DeOnDe monthly subscription model. Well, many clients also prefer to have a unique application designed from scratch; for the same, we help with 100% exceptional food or grocery delivery application. But, we always wish that our clients must save money on their upcoming venture by choosing the monthly subscription model. 

Check out our pricing and features by logging on to our official webpage, DeOnDe.

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